The Power of Soft Skills and Training

The old saying, “employees don’t leave jobs, they leave managers” is a scary thought when we are trying so hard to find and keep employees. No matter how great the onboarding training may be, or how competitive our wages are today, it can all unravel with a manager who doesn’t have the skills to lead.  Continue reading “The Power of Soft Skills and Training”

Everything But the Kitchen Sink – Is Your Training Overpacked?

I used to be a terrible overpacker.  I would cram everything but the kitchen sink into my suitcase without batting an eye.  Seriously.  A long weekend away meant four or five pairs of shoes and maybe a dozen outfits.  When you add in all the other necessities – it looked like I was leaving homeContinue reading “Everything But the Kitchen Sink – Is Your Training Overpacked?”

Soup to Nuts: The Choice is Yours

I’ve been creating e-Learning since 1999, when we output our courses to CD-ROM, if you can believe that. In that time, I have developed hundreds of e-Learning courses and other performance support products from static text all the way to full-blown software simulations.  Here are a few things I’ve found along the way. Text andContinue reading “Soup to Nuts: The Choice is Yours”