Personalized eLearning

Your company is unique, and your training needs are too. Orgwide creates custom training solutions that are designed to meet your exact needs.  Our custom learning and corporate training programs are created for your company, your employees, and the type of knowledge you need to share.

With our personalized eLearning services, your company culture, values, and approach to business will shine through in every course. And with our strategic instructional design approach, the content and messages will resonate with everyone across your organization.

Who we are
We are experts of instructional designers, graphic designers, communication experts, and multi-media professionals with one goal in mind – to help our clients succeed. We combine the science of instructional design and, the art of graphic design to change behaviors in your teams through our custom learning and corporate training solutions. Our strategies create behavioral change that makes employees more skilled at their jobs, engaged, involved, and committed to your company’s success.

What We Do – Custom Learning & Corporate Training Solutions

From online learning to animated training videos, instructor-led programs, and creating training strategies and learning paths, we do it all. Our custom learning and corporate training solutions include:

We also offer blended solutions that combine these different elements to help you create a more robust and effective corporate learning program.  We may combine online learning as pre-work before an instructor-led program. Or we may develop self-paced materials to be used as a reference after an online course. 

Benefits of custom learning and corporate training solutions
Customized training solutions will give you materials that are specific not only to your industry but to your brand. They’re tailored to your specific requirements and are products that your company alone can use. Personalized eLearning, or online training, also increases learner engagement and knowledge retention, making employees more invested in their learning and the company as a whole.

We can create custom learning and corporate training solutions to fit your specific needs, and we’ve done so for a variety of businesses and organizations across 20+ different industries. Call or contact us to learn more about our services and how personalized training will benefit your company!

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