Promote Your Training to a New Level


You saw the business need.  You identified competencies.  Then, you developed the most engaging training program anyone has ever seen (hopefully Orgwide helped!).  The LMS testing even went well.  This baby is done, right?  Not so fast.

To get the most buy-in from your audience, the next step is getting your audience excited about the upcoming training release.  You need a marketing campaign!  

You may say, “marketing is for the marketing department”.   Well, you have all the skills to market your programs.

  • Creativity
  • Knowing your audience
  • Communication skills
  • And a few tips from Orgwide

How? – Marketing Chanel

Orgwide has ideas to market your training program to match any budget. 

  • A short explainer video is one of the best and memorable ways.  We often use Vyond to create 60-90 second, fast-paced messages with animation and a preview of the training.  These are relatively simple to create, and if you use Orgwide, pretty affordable.
Promote Your Training to a New Level
  • Brochures or flyers are a great way to share information with bright graphics to get their attention.  Take some of the messaging and graphics from the training and put it on paper. 
  • Email messages are basically “free” if you have no budget at all.  A regular email probably won’t get too much attention.  Re-energize the creative juices!  Add graphics, highlight the learning objectives, and add screen shots of the training to get their attention.  Other internal communication channels, such as company intranets or digital message boards, are other no cost ways to get your message out. 

What? – The Message

Once you know how you are going to market your training, you can craft your message to make the most impact. 

Explain how your program will impact the audience.  If you used Orgwide’s High Impact Learning Map this would be the “Believe” section.  What’s in it for them? 

  • “The new training will help you reach your goals…”
  • “This training will reduce the time needed to accomplish….”
  • “You will be more successful with these skills….”
  • “Turnover will be reduced when employees know…”

Explain that this training will be both informative and entertaining.  They will enjoy the learning!

  • “This interactive training will.…”
  • “Watch the skills in action then practice what you learned…”

Create the hype that your training programs deserve!  And let us know if Orgwide can help. 

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