Gamification Training

The concept of gamification in training is still relatively new to most practitioners.  Gamification training involves including typical elements of game playing (e.g., point scoring, leader boards, badges, etc.) to the training process.  The popularity of gamification in training is a result of the large number of young children who have played video games throughout their early years, shaping their identity as people and as learners.

Gamification Training

Why Use Gamification?  There are a few reasons Orgwide recommends gamification to our clients including:

  • Improve retention – since gamification training often leaves learners feeling more engaged and rewarded for their efforts, they retain the newly learned skills better.  Retention is the first half of the learning puzzle with application being the second half!
  • Increased Teamwork – since gamification involves points, badges, and leaderboards – this risk-free competition can build stronger team member relationships. 
  • Increased connection to company – when learners are engaged, their feeling of belonging increases and they are more connected to the organization.  Company culture is more important than ever and gamification can improve the connection employees have to your company’s culture. 

Custom Corporate eLearning Gamification

Whether you’re designing and developing training for communication skills, compliance, leadership, sales, or even just job onboarding – custom corporate eLearning gamification can be used to improve the learner experience and the learning outcomes. Call Orgwide how you can benefit from gamification of some of your training programs or look at our other eLearning services.