Instructor-Led Training

Bringing people together to learn from an instructor is a great way to train your staff.  In fact, for some skills it is the BEST way to train your teams.  Today’s virtual classroom content development has come a long way from the traditional classroom to today’s interactivity where adult learners are engaged and involved.  And, often learner are not in the same room, or same country!   

Orgwide creates turn-key Instructor-led training for both the classroom and virtual environments designing and developing everything you need to be successful, including:

Instructor-Led Training
  • Presentation materials
  • PowerPoint slides
  • Facilitator guides and scripts
  • Participant workbooks
  • Group activities for virtual or in-person
  • Technical director notes for virtual sessions
  • Train-the-Trainer sessions to practice before the big event

Virtual Classroom Content Development

Why Instructor-led Training? According to Training Magazines 2021 Training Industry Report, the majority of organizations plan to have both in-person training and virtual sessions.  Combining the benefits of face-to-face learning and the use of technology can be the best strategy to meet organization’s needs. Orgwide’s virtual classroom content development can help you achieve all that!

Are Webinars/Virtual Instructor-led training your thing?If so, Orgwide can also assist you in migrating your current classroom training to a virtual environment.  The digital transformation of classroom instruction to virtual instructor-led events is more than producing PowerPoints for Zoom Meetings.  Development of both facilitator and IT director guides that keep participants actively participating and not becoming “Zoom Zombies,” as well as designing group break out activities that maximize learner engagement in the virtual environment are key to a successful migration from the classroom to the virtual realm.  If much of your staff is likely to continue to work remotely – and you have legacy classroom content that is still relevant – contact Orgwide for a complimentary consultation on how we can partner in leveraging your existing content in a new VILT platform.

In-person learning will never be obsolete.  So, if you want to stay in the classroom, or are embracing virtual instructor-led experiences, Orgwide has you covered and can design and develop all of the materials you need to deliver training that creates organizational results. Call or fill out our contact form to get in touch with us or check out our other custom eLearning training services that can help you achieve your goals!!