eLearning Explainer Videos

Communicate new product launches, changes in processes, or share other important news across your organization in a fast and interesting way – through an explainer video!  Think of an explainer video as the modern-day elevator pitch for your company’s new product or service offering. Successful corporate training explainer videos are concise, focused and have a very specific purpose.  Your Orgwide designed and developed Explainer Video will be created to grab people’s attention in under 2 minutes!

The Orgwide process for creating corporate training explainer videos involves seven steps:

Corporate Training Explainer Videos
  1. Who is the audience? How much do they know about the subject (or your company)?  Is the audience Internal or External to your organization?  What are their demographics – age, education, etc.  This will help you find the appropriate “voice.”

  2. If there’s a problem to solve – Start by identifying the problem, first.

    1. Start with a question at the beginning of the video.“Have you ever had this happen to you?”, “What do you do when…” or “How do you…” Or even start with a short story, representing the problem.
  3. For educational videos – Write out your learning objectives first No more than 3 and preferably fewer.  What should the viewer “be able to do” or even “want to do” after watching the video. 

  4. For videos about a process, service or “how-to”introduce the process first, then describe its steps and benefits to the audience

  5. Time to write the script! Keep your script simple, and avoid lengthy run-ons with tons of commas. This makes it easier for the voiceover artist, and keeps the “visual representation” moving/interesting (instead of stagnant/boring).  Target 400 words or less.  Above all else, “Write Like You Talk.”  In other words, write for the material to be heard, not read.  Use a conversational tone.  Read the draft out loud. This will help you correct any awkward phrasing.

  6. Storyboard – The finalized script will be put into a storyboard with creative ideas to help you imagine a “visual representation” for each sentence or two in the script.  The visual representation is used to “connect the dots” or further explain the material for the viewer beyond just the voiceover.

  7. Beta Review– Storyboard and script are finalized and approved, Orgwide will create a “beta” version of the video for your review and approval.  Any final tweaks can be made at this point and a finished product will result!

We can create custom eLearning explainer videos to fit your specific needs and make learning fun! Call or contact us to learn more about our eLearning training services!