Virtual Training Solutions

Allow your employees to learn new knowledge and skills at their own pace through Orgwide designed and developed “virtual playbooks.” They are a great way to share information in an interactive and engaging manner.  Virtual playbooks for eLearning are completely customized with your learning content and graphic style. 

What is a Virtual Playbook for eLearning?

Virtual Playbooks are basically digital “on-line magazines” with targeted text, engaging graphics, and interactivity. They have the functionality of personalized eLearning, including:

Virtual Training Solutions
  • Ability to track in your Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Links to videos
  • Images
  • Knowledge checks
  • Interactive functionality such as sliders, click to reveal, and the ability to jump from chapter to chapter within the material.

Why Virtual Playbooks?
One of the best features of virtual playbooks for eLearning is that they are faster and less expensive to develop than traditional eLearning.  This makes them a great virtual training solution for projects that need to be done quickly, or on a tight budget.  And, if the content may change in the near future, it is simpler, faster, and less expensive to update virtual playbooks than traditional personalized eLearning. 

How do we do it?
Orgwide develops the content for virtual playbooks using our scientifically based Course Development Methodology (CDM) to assess needs and identify the learning objectives.  The design phase includes storyboarding with text and graphic themes to be sure everything is captured exactly as you want. Our developers then do their “magic” to create appealing and impactful learning.

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