About Us

Custom eLearning Company

We are a custom training and eLearning company made up of instructional designers, communication professionals, graphic designers, and other multi-media professionals. Orgwide has been in the business of creating custom learning solutions since 2004, and fun fact – our current managing partner Jim Hartigan was the first client! Since then, our eLearning and other training programs  have helped hundreds of different businesses in practically every industry.

We’re passionate about making customized training courses for our clients because of the behavior changing impact we know engaging instructional material can have. As a premier eLearning production company, we live and breathe eLearning and put our skills to work by creating materials, courses, and even entire programs that have the power to transform your organization.

We like to say every training material we create is unique, and it’s true because every one of our clients gets a personalized training that combines storytelling, the science of instructional design, and the art of graphic and visual design. We do this because we believe that creating customized eLearning and blended training programs that combine these important elements effectively have a much bigger impact on employees and are better at molding them into the kind of people who will be successful in your organization.

As a dedicated custom eLearning company, we partner with you from start to finish. We love that we’re able to help so many different companies and appreciate the time we spend getting to know their brand, audience, goals, technology environment, and what drives them. We also love that our services aid in the professional development of thousands across practically every industry, helping better educate the global workforce.

Whether you’re new to eLearning and don’t know where to start or already have a robust catalog of digital courses and just need to add a new one, we’re excited to work with you and get to know your business. Call or contact us today, and you’ll understand why so many globally recognized brands like Staples, Mercedes Benz, Ikea, Tractor Supply Company, and more have trusted our custom eLearning company to create learning solutions for them!