Strategic Planning for eLearning

Strategic planning is a process used by organization to define their vision for the future and then identifying and documenting the goals and objectives that support reaching that vision. Orgwide works with eLearning and Development professionals through a rigorous process to achieve an end result of a comprehensive custom employee training program, designed to move the organization’s personnel from the current state to the desired future state.   

Benefits of an eLearning & Development Strategy Plan

There are many benefits from developing a custom employee training porgram, including:

eLearning & Development Strategy
  • Improving Employee Productivity – creating job family curriculums that address current gaps in abilities from desired employee behaviors is the foundation to improving your organization’s employee productivity.  Orgwide will work with your teams to design “cradle to grave” curriculums addressing on-boarding, upskilling, and reskilling your work force.
  • Improving Employee Retention/Developing Next Gen Talent – in the post-pandemic world of the “great resignation” efforts to reduce employee departure can pay off in real bottom line results.  Orgwide will assist your L&D team to develop a “clear line of sight” for line-level team members to grow in their current role and be prepared for increasing responsibilities.
  • Improving Employee Satisfaction – developing a learning culture across your organization demonstrates the value you place on people, as well as productivity.  Orgwide will help you invest in the highest impact areas for developing the skills of your employees, improving their satisfaction with their job and employer.

How do we start? Call or Contact Orgwide today to schedule a complimentary review of your current situation including all employee curriculums, soft skills, compliance training, and professional development programs.  We’ll provide you with a proposal and roadmap to design a custom employee training program with a personalized eLearning & Development strategy for your organization! We also offer a wide variety of other custom eLearning training that can help you achieve your goals!