What We Do

Customized eLearning Programs

To truly impact your business results, you need to create training that addresses your specific objectives and is designed for your employees. You need to make it personal. At Orgwide, helping businesses create customized eLearning programs is what we do. With custom corporate training created specifically for your company to share your knowledge in a way that’ll resonate with your employees. We combine the science of instructional design and the art of graphic design with engaging storytelling to dramatically improve your organization’s results by creating behavioral change.

In our experience, combining art, science, and storytelling into customized training programs is the most effective way to impact the behavior of employees and mold them into the kind of people your company needs to succeed. These elements also make our eLearning programs much more engaging, ensuring no one is passively clicking through them just to get to the end but actively learning and invested in the course. Whether you need a custom corporate training program centered around the history of your company, explaining company values and workplace culture, how to use a specific software, or anything in between, we’ll apply these principles to create an influential course with behavior-changing impact.

Custom Corporate Training

The Orgwide team team of instructional designers, graphic designers, communication experts, and multi-media professionals to ensure every element of your new customized program meets your needs.

Because we invest so much of our own time and effort into these customized eLearning programs, we’re deeply invested in client success. Success is based upon the foundation of solid instructional design principles, and here at Orgwide we understand adult learners and how to maximize their knowledge through the right platform, enlightening content, and engaging design. 

From extensive customized eLearning programs, videos and to materials for instructor-led programs (in-person or virtual), we can do it all. Contact us today to learn more about the custom training solutions we can create for your organization!