Fourth of July: Fireworks Game

Fun, family, food and fireworks are all part of our team’s 4th of July Celebration. To get your festivities started, take 60 seconds to see how many stars you can capture with our latest Fireworks Game. This festive game was designed for both computer and mobile devices.  We hope it offers a holiday-inspired break to yourContinue reading “Fourth of July: Fireworks Game”

Adjusting Training to Support Staffing Shortages

Have you seen the latest headlines which seem to be affecting most industries? Patients asked to stay away from Lakeshore General Hospital due to staffing shortage (Yahoo News, June 11, 2022) ‘Help Wanted’ billboards increase as employers struggle to find workers to meet demand (CBS, June 7, 2022) With good help so hard to find,Continue reading “Adjusting Training to Support Staffing Shortages”

Sticky Training

As training professionals, we live our lives (at least our work lives) creating training programs to impact our organizations. Our well-developed training is constant competition against project deadlines, reports, meetings and so much more. Attention spans have changed dramatically over the last decade.   These changing dynamics beg the question, “How do we know our adultContinue reading “Sticky Training”

The Power of Soft Skills and Training

The old saying, “employees don’t leave jobs, they leave managers” is a scary thought when we are trying so hard to find and keep employees. No matter how great the onboarding training may be, or how competitive our wages are today, it can all unravel with a manager who doesn’t have the skills to lead.  Continue reading “The Power of Soft Skills and Training”

Are you helping, or are you just buttering the cat?

In late 2021, the group #DisabilityTwitter began using the question “are you helping or are you just buttering the cat?” to encourage the Twitter community to think about accessibility accommodations and if these accommodations are actually helpful.  For example, an automatic door that can only be reached by a set of stairs fails to beContinue reading “Are you helping, or are you just buttering the cat?”

Regular Training Metrics – Now with more Fiber!

Like fiber, training metrics may not always taste good, but they ARE good for you.  When working with business leaders – especially leaders in learning and development, I often encounter an attitude that lies somewhere between lethargy and paranoia toward training metrics.  These metrics are specific measurements that quantitatively describe the impact, effect, and outcomeContinue reading “Regular Training Metrics – Now with more Fiber!”

Leveraging Training to Attract and Retrain

In an environment where both attracting new talent and retaining your current workforce is more critical than ever, training has become more than a solution to a problem, it has become an investment and a critical retention tool. Many companies are now embracing Benjamin Franklin’s ideal that “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”Continue reading “Leveraging Training to Attract and Retrain”