Blended Learning Helps Trainers Meet Changing Needs

Training today’s workforce is as challenging as ever.  One-size-fits-all has been replaced with customized programs that meet many different needs.  Blended learning helps trainers meet changing needs of both employees and the organization. 

What is Blended Learning?  Blended learning incorporates two or … Read the whole post

How Great Onboarding Increases Employee Retention– Part 1

Onboarding is one of the hottest buzzwords in our work world today.  And for good reason!  Finding employees is hard.  Great onboarding often determines whether employees will stay and can actually do the job. This blog will explain how onboarding increases employee … Read the whole post

Increase Retention with Job Aids

Have you identified a need to boost proficiency after initial training?  Even the most effective training programs sometimes need a little “boost” and that’s when it is time to increase retention with job aids. 

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