4 Tips for Script Writing

4 Tips for Script Writing

Once upon a time a talented training professional was having writer’s block and couldn’t get started on writing the script for a time-sensitive project. They knew that the script was the first, and most important step in creating effective learning. They needed to get the trainees’ attention quickly and keep it while sharing the learning. 

No matter how many scripts we might have written in the past, these struggles happen to all of us. The Orgwide writers have 4 tips for script writing to help even the most seasoned writer get on track and stay there. 

  1. Who is the audience? How much do they know about the subject (or your company)? Is the audience internal or external to your organization? What are their demographics – age, education, etc.? Answering these questions will help to determine the appropriate “voice.”
  2. If there’s a problem to solve – Start by identifying the problem, first.
    • Start with a question at the beginning of the video or eLearning. “Have you ever had this happen to you?” or “How do you…” Or even start with a short story, representing the problem.
    • Write the script to work toward the desired solution. Identify the services or products that address and support the problem-solving process.
  3. Write out your learning objectives first. What should the viewer “be able to do” after watching the video. Be sure to use “action verbs” when writing your learning objectives.
  4. LESS IS MORE! – Keep sentences simple and avoid lengthy run-ons with tons of commas. This keeps the “visual representation” moving and interesting.
    • Try to imagine a “visual representation” for each sentence or two. Think about what visual representation might be used on the screen to “connect the dots” or further explain the material for the viewer beyond the voiceover.
    • Write Like You Talk. In other words, write for the material to be heard, not read. Use a conversational tone. Read the draft out loud. This will help you correct any awkward phrasing.

Once you have a great script, you are on your way to creating a great training program. If you need some help, with script writing, or putting your script into a training program, just call the Orgwide experts. We are here to help with any and all aspects of your training!