The Science and Art of Training Assessments

This is the final installment in our Back-to-Basics series where we looked at the fundamentals of developing effective training programs.   “Alex, I will take Processes and Procedures for $800.” I am no Ken Jennings with 74 Jeopardy Wins, and I might not even be great at answering trivia questions (just ask my sister). However, IContinue reading “The Science and Art of Training Assessments”

Let’s Go Storyboarding

Once upon a time… from the time we are little, we are taught through stories. Even though our training storyboards might not be filled with princesses, knights in shining armor, and a dragon or two, our storyboards do still have the elements of storytelling. This is where all of the foundational planning and gathering ofContinue reading “Let’s Go Storyboarding”

Need to Know?  Or Just Nice to Know

We started this series with a story about my terrible packing habits back in the day – Everything But the Kitchen Sink – Is Your Training Overpacked and how training developers often face a similar problem. Solving the packing problem was easy for me because I was the only one who had a stake inContinue reading “Need to Know?  Or Just Nice to Know”

The Five Ws to Determine the How

“Mom, what’s for breakfast?” “Mom, when is spring break?” “Mom, where are my shoes?” “Mom, why do I have to practice piano?” These are just a few of the 50+ questions my third grader asked me this morning before school. In our Back to the Basics series, we have left the kitchen sink behind andContinue reading “The Five Ws to Determine the How”

Creating a Solid Training Foundation

Welcome to Orgwide’s second part of our Back-to-Basics blog series.  Long before you install the kitchen sink, there are many steps to building a house properly.  The first step is the most important:  lay the foundation correctly.  Without the right foundation, problems arise later and can be more costly and time consuming. The same isContinue reading “Creating a Solid Training Foundation”

Everything But the Kitchen Sink – Is Your Training Overpacked?

I used to be a terrible overpacker.  I would cram everything but the kitchen sink into my suitcase without batting an eye.  Seriously.  A long weekend away meant four or five pairs of shoes and maybe a dozen outfits.  When you add in all the other necessities – it looked like I was leaving homeContinue reading “Everything But the Kitchen Sink – Is Your Training Overpacked?”