The Science and Art of Training Assessments

This is the final installment in our Back-to-Basics series where we looked at the fundamentals of developing effective training programs.   “Alex, I will take Processes and Procedures for $800.” I am no Ken Jennings with 74 Jeopardy Wins, and I might not even be great at answering trivia questions (just ask my sister). However, IContinue reading “The Science and Art of Training Assessments”

Let’s Go Storyboarding

Once upon a time… from the time we are little, we are taught through stories. Even though our training storyboards might not be filled with princesses, knights in shining armor, and a dragon or two, our storyboards do still have the elements of storytelling. This is where all of the foundational planning and gathering ofContinue reading “Let’s Go Storyboarding”