Is Custom eLearning Affordable? You Bet It Is!

Does the cost of customized training scare you?  You might be surprised at how affordable it is, especially if you have several hundred people in your organization.  Even more so if they are geographically dispersed.    

Not every eLearning course costs the same to design and develop.  But, on average, 15 minutes of custom eLearning from Orgwide can cost as little as $6,000.00.  When you take that cost and divide it by the number of employees who will participate, the investment in your employees seems even more affordable.  

Example pricing for a 15-minute course (whether one 15-minute module or three 5-minute modules):

# of learners/employees~$ per learner/employee

Since our founding in 2004, Orgwide has designed and developed literally thousands of eLearning courses for clients across many industries.  Of course, each one is unique as our clients each have distinct branding and operational needs.  One thing that each project has in common is the strategic focus that Orgwide uses to create engaging and effective eLearning.  

The Orgwide process includes:

  • Create a High Impact Learning Map (HILM) and determine what the Learners will Know, Do, Believe, and Achieve.
  • Develop an initial outline for the course with your SMEs input.  
  • Design a Storyboard of the course with voice over, suggested graphics and interaction.  Your SMEs will provide feedback and make any needed edits.  
  • Develop a Beta version of the course with all graphics and interactive elements for your SMEs to review and make any final edits.
  • Provide a selection of professional voiceover artists to choose from.
  • Deliver a SCORM compliant package with professionally recorded voiceover that will work with your LMS.

The process may seem too simple, and affordable, to be true!  Well, there is a lot of work behind the scenes by the Orgwide team, but we truly will make the process that easy for you.  Give us a call to see what we can do for you!