Celebrating Summer

Summer Fun

Ah, summer…snow cones, flip flops, pool days…we have made it, or at least my kids have. We have put away the backpacks, quit worrying about bedtime and have an endless supply of ice cream on hand (this last one might be just wishful thinking). My kids are geared up for summer camps and lazy days, but as I prepared for summer, I realized that the year is almost halfway over, and we will be ringing another new year again before we know it. So how can you leverage summer to ensure success in your training programs? Here are three ways our team leverages the summer season to find success:

  1. Get a little sunshine.

In the mist of vacations and summer schedules, project timelines tend to slow down. Take these moments to bring a little sunshine to your team by looking at their wish list. Is there a course or program that needs refreshing? Is there a team building activity you always talk about doing but never seem to have the time to actually do? Do you have time to learn or advance a new skill? 

  1. Eat the ice cream.

Celebrate your team and their success. Literally, eat the ice cream or bring in lunch. Take a little time to celebrate what you have already accomplished in the year by finding creative things to celebrate. Did you finish your 29th project of the year? Did your team have perfect attendance? Everyone loves an excuse to take a few minutes out of their day to celebrate.

  1. Go back-to-school shopping.

I loved opening that new box of crayons as a kid, and there was always something magical about picking out a new backpack. Take time this summer to go back-to-school shopping for your team by reviewing upcoming projects, and realigning your annual goals and project plans. Pause to ensure your team has the skills and resources needed to be successful. And, maybe buy them some cool new office supplies just for fun!   

Summer days are here. While we might not have weeks of camps or lazy days by the pool; we can still enjoy the sunshine, eat the ice cream, and even buy that new box of crayons at the end of the summer. 

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