Chocolate Bunny or Comic Books… What’s In Your Easter Basket?

Chocolate Bunny or Comic Book?

What did you want in your Easter basket as a kid? Did you want the chocolate bunny or the comic book? Determining what an adult learner hopes to get from training can be like determining what to put into an Easter basket.

What’s in it for me?

The most important training question for adult learners that we need to answer is: “What’s in it for me?”  Answering this question is where knowledge and connection intersect, and the answer typically falls into at least one of six categories. 

  1. Performance: How will this training help your learner improve their skills and abilities to complete their responsibilities, in turn reducing stress and increasing confidence? 
  2. Job Satisfaction: How will this training help your learner better understand their role and its importance?  How will this training help them be better connected to your company’s larger mission?
  3. Promotion: Will completing this training open additional opportunities for growth within your company?  Will learners be qualified to take on greater responsibilities upon completion of the training?
  4. Compensation: Will this training allow the learner to be eligible for additional benefits or monetary compensation? 
  5. Efficiency: How will this training help the learner do their job better and achieve greater work/life balance? 
  6. Safety: How does this training ensure your learner’s physical, mental, or emotional safety? 

Understanding that adult learners have a “need to know,” trainers should look for every opportunity to explicitly link the actual training to the benefits of the training – early and often.  Explain what they will gain from the training and its value to them by leveraging one of the six categories above. 

And, don’t forget a little chocolate always helps, for both training and Easter baskets!  

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