Kate Berg

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there” 

– Theodore Roosevelt


Since joining the Orgwide team in 2006, Kate has helped clients combine the right words and graphics to create award winning learning solutions. Kate is responsible for managing, leading and training our team of content designers and developers. Kate is also responsible for developing and executing strategic learning solutions as well as client and project coordination.

Kate’s avid love of photography has taught her see the many different angles of each picture and project. She enjoys being behind both the camera and the scenes as project manager overseeing all the project details. Kate also believes variety is the spice of life and has worked on many different types of projects including facilitator-led courses, eLearning courses, product launch campaigns, original graphic development, branding efforts and many more. Prior to joining the Orgwide team, Kate managed the creation and publication more than 26 periodic publications. Kate lives in Rogers, AR with her husband, two girls and two yellow labs.